DayTrail is the one-stop-shop for all of kinds of recreational vehicle rental needs. Insurance-backed and adventure-packed! Like all P2P rental platforms they knew they had to make a system that owners would feel confident in posting their vehicles to rent, and renters would know that they were getting great vehicles ready to ride. Making their next adventure a blast, time, and time again.

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While talking with friends and family people are often hearing of recreational vehicle owners whose vehicles sat unused for weeks at a time, with monthly payments, storage, and all the negatives that come along with having a vehicle sit unused. On the other hand, everyone has friends and family who are always in need of an extra ATV for a trip or want to rent a boat or snowmobile, and either can’t find one, the vehicle is too far from where they live or it is too expensive. With some of the underlying concerns resolved, the DayTrail team came together to create an easy-to-use platform that matches the right owners with the right renters.


We’ve developed a platform with the help of which owners list quality recreational vehicles online, and renters browse for the perfect recreational vehicle for their next outdoor adventure. They just select the location, vehicle preference, and date to find the perfect fit. In addition, they book the vehicle in a secure encrypted environment. DayTrail sends the users all of the information they need to get ready for their vehicle pick-up.

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DayTrail is also incredible easy to use for the car owners. They just list their recreational vehicles for rent with peace of mind using DayTrail. It’s the ideal insurance-backed one-stop-shop for safe and secure peer-to-peer rentals. And then they just let their recreational vehicle work for them.


With the help of DayTrail a perfect win-win relationship has been established between the car owners and people who’re out for an adventure! It’s fast, secure and, most importantly, safe.

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