SimpleSell is a platform that makes finding new business simple. Innovative software paired with dedicated Sales Assistants revolutionizes the way you drive new business into your pipeline. It is focused on taking the hassle out of finding users’ next contact. The Sales Platform integrates with making the pushing of contacts from SimpleSell to fast and easy.



46% of B2B sales reps list lead quantity and quality as their top challenge. 39% of a sales reps’ time is spent selling, and 42% of sales reps feel they don’t have enough information before making a call. Thus having relevant and trustworth information is a crucial factor in their day-to-day activities. SimpleSell is a platform that came to solve that.


SimpleSell takes the hassle out of finding sales contacts. With the help of this platform the users have a chance to gain access to dedicated Sales Assistants focused on getting them the right contacts every day. They can easily communicate with live Sales Assistants, track their latest contactsin the SimpleSell platform, or integrate SimpleSell with their CRM.

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SimpleSell aims to reduce the time people spend hunting and verifying for their prospects’ most up-to-date contact information. The live sales assistants do the hunting for them. That way, hey focus on the other most important aspects of their work. In addition, SimpleSell is integrated with Salesforce and it’s also possible to export contacts in the format that’s supported by all major CRM platforms.


Within a short period of time SimpleSell managed to boost the productivity of work for a wide range of users, speeding up their workflow and making it a lot more efficient and swift. As the users like to mention, with the help of the platform they now don’t have to spend an entire day searching for right contacts. Their time is too valuable to be spending it activities of that sort.

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