The animal management solution for rentals. OurPetPolicy represents a team of lawyers, landlords, and property managers from many different states and backgrounds working on a platform that aims at creating the best possible pet management experience for the landlords and tenants. In just a few minutes, they can add their rental properties, customize a lawyer-vetted policy for their state, and send a contract to their tenants for an electronic signature.

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Modern rental practices are often accompanied by problems regarding unauthorized pets, fraudulent ESA letters, poor pet waste-management practices, as well as pet damage and great costs. OurPetPolicy aims at eliminiating those problems and making pet management a hassle-free and easy process for everyone.


We’ve developed a versatile and easy-to-use platform for managing all the pet-related processes without any headache. OurPetPolicy allows both landlords and tenants to keep track of their property and pet related activities and to easily handle all the unavoidable issues that arise when renting a house and moving in with pets. The platform allows to resgister pets, keep track of their medical records and handle issues like waste management and damage with a single click.

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The OPP Platform is easy to implement, with easy to use on-boarding tools and platform management tools. When a tenant leaves and the damage from their pet is assessed to be hundreds of dollars more than their security deposit, most landlords understand that it is not worth taking them to court, where they could end up spending more money than they would recoup. By collecting pet deposits the landlords have more money to help cover the damage left by their animals.


With the help of OPP the landlords have managed to dramatically decrease their costs and money wasted on pet damage and secured a more convenient and stress free way of handling all the rent-related tasks.

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