At the heart of every strong community are strong families. The cornerstone of these families is the foundation they build for their children during the early years of development. Tools help to manage their goals and understand which level they're at.

Documentation of pillars on the paper


The challenge: With the ELC Tool, users can bid farewell to paperwork and effortlessly manage their goals while gaining insights into their progress levels.


The solution: We've developed a platform where users can seamlessly choose which pillars they want to focus on and begin working on them. They can effortlessly create tasks and track them on a Kanban board for better organization and visibility.

Castle view showing the 4 general pillars of strenght
Level's progress view


We've created a view where users can easily understand which level they've achieved across different pillars and determine where they should concentrate their efforts.


Every level comes with its own set of tactics. Users can effortlessly select one of them and add it to their task board or remove it.

Tactic's view
Kanban board view


Introducing our task board, designed to seamlessly manage tasks based on the previous text:
To Do: This column captures tasks that are yet to be started. Users can easily populate this section with tasks they need to address.
In Progress: Tasks that are currently being worked on reside in this column. Users can track the status of ongoing tasks and monitor their progress.
Stalled: In case a task encounters obstacles or delays, it can be moved to this column. Here, users can identify tasks that require additional attention or resources to move forward.
Completed: Tasks that have been successfully accomplished find their place in this column. Users can celebrate achievements and mark tasks as complete, providing a sense of accomplishment and progress.

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