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With Grow Tool, admins have full control. Create, edit, and publish workshops with just a few clicks. Customize workshop details, such as date, time, location, and available slots, effortlessly. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to manage workshops of any size or complexity.
Meet Grow, the tool that simplifies workshop management from start to finish. Whether you’re a seasoned admin or a first-time facilitator, Grow has you covered.

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With Grow, admins can wave goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets. Our intuitive interface lets you create, schedule, and customize workshops with ease, all within a single platform.
Say goodbye to the hassle of sheets and paper documents – and hello to Grow, the all-in-one workshop management tool designed to streamline your workflow.


We have developed a platform where admins can create workshops and publish them with ease. Parents can easily register for workshops through the user-friendly platform. With just a few clicks, they can explore available sessions, select preferred dates, and enroll their children for enriching experiences. Once registered, facilitators gain access to valuable insights through Grow. They can effortlessly track participant attendance, monitor kit distribution, and ensure smooth workshop delivery. With real-time updates, facilitators stay informed and can focus on delivering exceptional learning experiences.

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We understand the importance of creating an enriching and fulfilling workshop experience for both children and their families. Our platform is designed to prioritize parent satisfaction and engagement every step of the way. With "Happy Parents," caregivers can easily navigate workshop offerings, register their children for sessions, and stay informed about upcoming events—all through a user-friendly interface. We've done a redesign of "Workshop" Page. Say goodbye to long registration processes and hello to seamless enrollment with just a few clicks.


Administrators have the power to create, edit, and publish workshops effortlessly. With intuitive tools and customizable features, organizing workshops has never been easier. From setting schedules to managing resources, "Grow" empowers administrators to plan and execute successful events with ease. Parents can conveniently register for workshops through our user-friendly platform. With clear and concise event information, along with simple registration processes, caregivers can enroll their children in workshops with confidence and ease. Facilitators gain access to valuable insights through "Grow." Let's make workshop management simpler, together.

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