FlipRide was founded on the idea that there had to be a better way to connect dealers with interested and committed sellers and buyers. In a market where inventory matters, access to high-quality vehicles is critical, and it helps users drive their business by finding the right vehicles for their specific needs. The team of auto industry experts knows the dynamics that drive auto dealerships profitability and revenue, and they are here to deliver the capabilities that matter.

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Modern rental practices are often accompanied by problems regarding unauthorized pets, fraudulent ESThere has never been more competition in auto sales than there is now. Much of that competition is coming from online. FlipRide Dealer Management Platform provides an end-to-end solution for car dealerships of all sizes.A letters, poor pet waste-management practices, as well as pet damage and great costs. OurPetPolicy aims at eliminiating those problems and making pet management a hassle-free and easy process for everyone.


For Flipride we’ve come up with a complex and multi-functional platform as a solution offering the best experience with activities like building and maintaining websites, tracking the customer flow, analysing lead data and keeping track of the inventory allowing an advanced level of synchronization.

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The OPP Platform is easy to implement, with easy to use on-boarding tools and platform management tools. When a tenant leaves and the damage from their pet is assessed to be hundreds of dollars more than their security deposit, most landlords understand that it is not worth taking them to court, where they could end up spending more money than they would recoup. By collecting pet deposits the landlords have more money to help cover the damage left by their animals.


Flipride helped car dealers to have an easy-to-use website optimized for car dealerships, easily manage their inventory, and secured digital retailing to deepen shopper engagement with every click. In addition, Flipride solved the problem of low-quality, unresponsive prospective sellers that have no intention of doing business. Using its proprietary system, the platform finds real-time shoppers who are actively looking to sell. Thus the FlipRide app delivers the inventory to dealers in just a few clicks, giving them an edge over the competition.

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